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GB306 A set of three gutta percha golf balls in their original named box.The label on box reads The St Andrew Golf Ball. Manufactured by "The United Gutta Percha & Rubber Co Ltd" Craigpark Works Glasgow. Very little is known about this very rare ball, to find a set of three in their original box is a golf collectors dream. Two of the balls are missing 10% of their paint whereas the other retains virtually all of its paint. I can only assume that this has come about due to handling. The pictures speak for themselves. Boxed set of three very early mesh patterned Gutty golf balls.

Forgan style hand hammered Gutta Percha ball, devoid of paint with possibly 4/5 strike marks otherwise in good condition. Because of the complete lack of any sign of paint to this ball leads me to believe that some of these very early balls were not neccessarily painted at all. The only other reason is that the early paints used were lacking in adesive quality for this then new material.
This ball has been used and shows some strike marks. Condition. Very good for a ball of this age.
GB276 Kro-Flite. An original set of three mesh patterned golf balls in their original box(probably never been taken out.)  Multi Dot Black Blue & Green.Made by A.G.Spalding &Bros. Made in Gret Britain. A very rare find, all 100% original. Dated circa 1925/30. Early sets of Golf balls like these are very rarely seen and therefore the envy of all Golf Ball collectors.When a ball is in its original box there is no doubt as to its Authenticity and provenance. Kro-Flite. Multi-dot set of three early  mesh pattern golf all original condition.

Feather Ball. Feather Filled Ball large inscribed "Made by Mc ......." in excellent condition. Circa 1830. The writing appears to read Made By McKewan. The ball is certainly very early and is heavily coated with many coats of paint. The condition is absolutely excellent for this age of ball. This item is a rarity and needs to be placed in a top quality collection. Shows little or no sign of use. Condition excellent.

GB306 ref:07800 1894 £1400.0GB05 ref:89836. c1870. £940.00.GB276 ref:02275 1925/30 £540.00GB10 ref:892676.  c1830. £3200.00                    



Henly rubber core golf ball. Made by Henlys Tyre & Rubber Co. Unusual pattern depicting Great Britain and the Union Jack flag. This is one of the most sort after balls especially in this excellent condition, retaining 90% of its paint.
Appears to have one strike mark but most probably never used for the purpose it was intended.
Excellent condition.
Circa 1900

1. A conventional "Fives ball" circa 1935. Excellent condition.
2. "Goblin" Square mesh. Excellent condition. cira 1933.
3. "The Traveller" Dimple ball circa 1911. Part of the casing is missing hence poor condition.
4. Centre stitched five's type ball(Possibly French) Circa 192o's.
5. "Tee Mee" sq mesh, very good condition. Circa 1930.
6. Yellow sq mesh ball stamped made in England. Circa 1920.
7. "Spalding" diamond shaped mesh patterned ball.Circa 1934.
8. "Westminster England". Square mesh patterned ball. Excellent condition Circa 1925.
9. "Spalding" Green dot dimple ball. Circa 1930's
10. Square mesh ball stamped "England"Circa 1930's.
11.Reproduction Gutta Percha ball made with the original "Home Press" mould.
12. The "Wayrite" sq mesh ball circa 1930's.                                                                                                          

A Silvertown No4 moulded mesh gutta percha golf ball. This very early golf ball(Circa 1878 has 2 strike marks but retains virtually all its original paint and shows really clean colours in the name. Golf balls of this rarity are becoming harder to find and are increasing in value at a faster rate than most other golf collectables. All golf balls come complete with a single acryllic display case.The condition of this ball is really very good with the exception of two strike marks. The enlarge picture shows all four sides of the ball 
This Silvertown solid Gutta Percha ball, was found by a contractor in a sand shipment that was traced back to the old defunct Blackpool golf Club (this is an area in the NW of England. The full details are shown on the newspaper cutting in my picture. It is very rare that you get such a provenance with any golf ball you will purchase.
The ball itself has 2/3 strike marks and is devoid of most of its paintwork, otherwise it is in very good condition.
GB207 ref:87560 Circa 1900 £2,100.00GB543  £158.00 (No display cases) inc:PP+INS:GB344 ref:10124 Circa 1878 £220.00GB112 ref:89130 Circa 1888 £240.00


'Springvale Hawk' A really nice Bramble rubber core golf ball retaining 90% of its original paintwork. Manufactured by Hutchinson Maine and Co. Circa 1905 a rare find.

A Springvale Hawk 271/2. Good solid Bramble rubber core golf ball, showing several faint strike marks, otherwise in very good condition.

Spitfire Dimple wrapped rubber core golf ball.Unused and wrapped.Unused and wrapped. Named after the Spitfire fighter plane of 1939/45.
A really nice and very rare box of 3 Dunlop Maxwell Lattice golf balls. This is an original set of three two in wrappers the third set on top of plain paper wrapper. The box is in excellent condition with some discoloration to the face logo. inside the box there are two labels one says checked by : In any communication respecting contents of this package please quote above reference (there is a faint reference No:). The second label reads Made in England under Dunlop Rubber Co's. letters Patent U.K. and various patent No's.
These could not be more original and a collectors dream item.
The Link ball. Rubber Core. Manufactured by The Helsby Co. (British Insulated & Helsby Cables). Priced in them days at 2/- each. Really nicely decorated with a series of small linked circles. Retains pretty well all of its original paint with only slight discoloration.Unused ball Excellent condition.
GB197 ref:8750  cost £190.00 inc p&p
GB65. ref:8645 £115.00 c1908
GB304.ref:8705.Circa. 1939-50,s £35GB357. Circa 1935 £480.00 (No display cases) inc:PP+INS: Worldwide.
GB216. ref:87150 Circa 1913.£195.00

 "The Colonel" Rubber core bramble golf ball. Retains 80% of its original paintwork. Unused lost some paintwork due to handling only. This is a very early Bramble ball circa 1905.
Box of 12 Assorted Balls 1950;s-80,s Dimple pattern.
1. 3 Boxed status PGF Balls.
2 Boxed Slazenger with flag logo.
3 Wrapped Slazenger 3.
4 Boxed Dunlop 65 cut-proof
5. A French leather type ball, needs re-stiching. Circa 1920's
6 Wrapped Penfold Ace Circa 1950's
7. Slazenger 4 wrapped.
8. Slazenger 7 wrapped
9. Dunlop 65 wrapped ball circa 1965.
10. Blue flash Circa 1965.
 "Spring vale Eagle" rubber core Bramble golf ball. Retains 80% of its original paintwork. A good solid ball Circa 1905. This is a very early Bramble designed golf ball.
Unusual small square cut design Gutta Percha golf ball. This is possibly hand machine moulded but very unusual and rare. Just one strike mark to its face. Retains 90% of its original paintwork. Colour is a greyish /white. Circa date 1885 one of the very earliest gutty balls. The ball is unamed not unusual for this period.
GB172. ref:8715. Chemico Bob. Rubber cor ball, dimple mould. Made by County Chemical Co (Chemico) Birmingham. Circa 1913. One of the earliest dimple mould balls to be made. Note this ball has a strike mark (cut) plus another smaller imperfection shown clearly on the larger pictuer. A good representation of an early dimple mould ball. Price reflects its conditionDimple ball, has imperfections.very good condition.
 GB148 1905.£150.00GB600 £145.00 (No display cases) inc:PP+INS:
GB198 ref:8745 £160.00
GB11. ref:85100. Circa 1885.£175.00GB172. ref:8715Circa 1913..£25.                         

"Nova Floater" Large bramble rubber core ball. Appears unused but has been repaired due to possible cracking many years ago. This has been in my collection over 25 years and i have seen no further deterioration.Condition. Very good, subject to its apparent repairThis very rare ball is a Half moon designed "ARCH COLONEL" For display the condition is excellent however it does have a strike mark as clearly shown in my picture.

This unusual designed ball showing a series of small dotted circles was made by the Metropolitan Golf Ball Co. they named it "The Pal" Overall it is a strong sound ball but does have a strike mark that is readily seen in my pictures. It dates from 1913. as with all my golf Balls the price includes a acrylic moulded display case and includes full postage (Tracked) and packaging and insurance. Postal times are about 3/4 working days.

Box of 12 Assorted Balls 1930;s-70,s Dimple pattern.
1. Sleeve of three spalding with Brothers Logo.
2 Boxed Slazenger with flag Logo.
3 Dunlop Super ball boxed.
4 2 PGF wrapped & boxed balls.
5. B51 Slazenger boxed.
6 Boxed and wrapped Slazenger.
7. Really nice wrapped Bromford Circa 1950.
8. Royal Blackheath stamped ball.
9. Dunlop 65 wrapped ball circa 1965.
Red Mesh Rubber practice ball. A genuine collectors item from this period.Condition. Very good.
GB60/8620Circa. 1912Price. £38.00GB542 Circa. 1913 £145 inc:PP+INS:GB268 Circa.1913 £90.00GB601 £135.00 (No display cases) inc:PP+INS:GB329/8920Circa. 1920 £25.00

Silver King mesh ball, coloured red,(snowball), has small indentation but otherwise perfect.Condition.Nr MintSilver King H.V. Wrapped ball.Condition. Wrapped and unused1."The Blue Triangle Box" A.G.Spalding golf box condition good.
2. A Dunlop 65 wrapped ball 1.62 C1965
3. A "Goblin" yellow sq mesh Ball C1920
4. Awhite sq mesh ball stamped "England 100%"
5. "Silvertown" red & blue dot , dimple ball. C1930
6. Light brown early practice ball C1895. Good solid condition.
7. A rare "P McKewan" Bramble 271/2 Gutta Percha ball. Several strike marks Condition good solid ball retaining 60% of its white paint.
"Zenith Ray 30" Dimple pattern ball. Very good condition. Made by. R. Lehman & Co. of London.Condition. Really nice ball, excellent.

Unusual deep Dimple's with small circle's at pole's. Condition.Excellent
GB229/885Circa. 1920 £65.00.GB102/8630Circa1938£65.00GB541 £190.00 Inc: p.p. and Ins:(No display cases) GB171/8715Circa.1920. £65.00GB327/905Circa. 1950.£18.00

"The Link" Bramble ball. Yellowish in colour. Made by: The Telegraph Manufacturing Co. Ltd.Condition. Excellent but shows age discoloration. "Spalding Glory" Dimple patterned ball.. One of the earliest Dimple ball's made. Rare find.Condition. Very Good, but lack's it's paint. 
 Gerald R Ford (U.S.A.).A mint boxed signature ball. A very collectable modern golf ball, in original box and comes complete with display case.
"C.P.D." Untraced Maker. Rubber core Bramble Ball.Condition. retains 75% of paint, crack near pole. See photo.                                                                            



GB307/0760 C.1910 Price  £100.00            
GB44/8530.Circa. 1908.£65.00                    
GB213  £55.00. Inc: pp & Ins                     
GB343/9520 Circa.1912. Price. £95.00